Pray for WEC Camp Everywhere 2021!

Join us in praying for WEC Camp 2021 – below are some pointers to help you get started…

The Programme

  • On a Mission – The mission teaching, those sharing their experiences and those hosting
  • Dangerous Prayers – The Bible teaching, the Bible teachers and all those involved
  • Activities – Good fun, clear communication and the live elements go to plan
  • Discussions – Everybody joins in and friendships are made

The Leaders & Team

  • Pray for all those involved with Camp 2021, those busy preparing things, those speaking, and for everyone involved
  • Let’s make this the best camp ever!

The Campers

  • Pray for friendships and mutual respect
  • Pray for good discussions, positive contributions, and supportive sharing

The Technology

  • Please pray that all the tech comes together and works as planned throughout
  • Pray that everyone will be able to connect and issues are quickly resolved

Camp 2022

  • Join us in praying for camp next year, we are all hoping to be back in a field if COVID allows