Promote Camps

WEC Camps are a first-class camping holiday with Bible and missions teaching for young Christians. You can help make this happen by telling others about WEC Camps, and encouraging them to come along.

Want to promote camps? Here are some ideas to help you…

  • Give a short talk or presentation within your church, youth group or at school
  • Show your friends some of the videos on this website
  • Encourage youth groups to come together
  • Encourage church leaders to bring groups from their churches
  • Use camp as part of a mentoring scheme for the children and young people in your church
  • Help people to get to camp by sharing transport or arranging a minibus
  • Like and share the WEC Camps page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 
  • Change your profile picture to a WEC Camps promotional image (below)
  • Pray for camp throughout the year

Resources to help you

If you would like some brochures, a publicity pack or would like to talk to someone about promoting camps, please fill out the request form, or give the office a call. 

2024 Flyer

WEC Camps Flyer 2024 (PDF)
WEC Camps Flyer 2024 [Page 1] [Page 2](PNG)


PowerPoint Presentation (Zip) 
Key Note Presentation 
OpenOffice Presentation
PDF Presentation


  WEC Camps – In Pictures   
  WEC Camps – Short Intro  
  Warrior Camp – Kids Promotional  
  Warrior Camp – For Parents  
  What Warrior Camp can do for our young people  
Teen Camp in 20 Seconds   

For more videos, see our YouTube channel!

Social Media Profile Pictures 

Why not help promote camp by adding us to your social media theme? Right click and select ‘save image as’, or press and hold on a tablet device to save save the picture. 

Facebook Cover Image

Twitter Cover Image