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Your email address
If you give us your email address on a web page form, we will only use it for the purpose related to that form.
It will be stored in the email message. We will not transfer that information to anyone else or use it for other purposes without your express permission. Our detailed privacy policy is given below.

Cookies are a record – held on your computer of some of your web activity. Websites can store and retrieve that information invisibly from your computer as you surf. Normally each cookie can only be stored and read by one website. Where we use cookies containing information about you, they are generally only used:

1)To store information which you have explicitly given to us via web forms
2)To store login type information for protected sections of our website
3)To hold temporary anonymous information in order to identify your computer whilst you are browsing our site.

This process will only be used to hold information necessary for interaction with our website. Information collected from web forms will be handled in accordance with our detailed privacy policy given below.

Data protection law; How does WEC use information about you?

Essential information on WEC supporters is kept on our database and used for:
The ongoing work of WEC is sustained by gifts and donations received through both churches and individuals. It is therefore important that the information we hold is relevant and updated regularly.
We have to record donations and income received for auditing purposes, to produce our annual accounts, to monitor income received and to claim Gift Aid tax rebates.
E-mail communications
We receive and store your e-mail address when you fill in one of our online forms and also if you subscribe direct to one of our publications.
By monitoring the way our supporters get involved in our work we can identify and create new ways to inform people about that work and get more supporters involved. Any information we hold on you as a supporter of WEC is kept securely and is never passed on or sold to other organisations.
Data Protection
The Data Protection Act 1998 has changed the laws governing how WEC can use and store information about our supporters. This Act aims to protect you as an individual and to ensure that organisations, such as WEC, who hold data on people, do so in a responsible manner. Essentially the Act is about giving control back to the individual. It is WEC’s responsibility to ensure we are processing your information only for purposes which are necessary for our legitimate interests as a Christian missionary society. You can access our Web site home page and browse our site without disclosing your personal data.
What are WEC’s responsibilities?
As well as ensuring that we are using your data in this way, we also have to follow rules on the type of data we obtain, its quantity and quality, and how long we can use it.
Purpose and use
We can only use information for legitimate purposes. In the case of WEC this is for communicating with our supporters, receiving money and developing our recruitment activities – and only for the purpose for which you gave us those details. When you contact WEC to request information, or to make a donation, we make the assumption that you wish to remain updated about our projects and work and therefore add you to our mailing list.
We are only allowed to collect as much information as is necessary to carry out your request. If you contact us to make a donation on behalf of your church, a friend or family member it would be appropriate for us to collect the information about that body or person but it will only be used in respect of the donation made.
All the information we hold about you must be accurate. Wherever possible we try to keep our mailing information up to date and make every effort to amend mailing records as necessary.
We are not allowed to hold your information for longer than necessary to achieve the task for which the information was collected. Information held on our database is used to update churches and individuals about our work, circulate printed material as requested and make known prayer needs.
Sensitive data
We are not allowed to collect or use information that is considered ‘sensitive’ (such as information about racial or ethnic origins, religious beliefs, health) without explicit consent to do so.
Outside the European Union
We may not transfer information about you outside the EU or the European Economic Area without your consent. There may be times when we would need to transfer your information to a country in the developing world in order to process your request or application. In such circumstances, we would ask you to make a statement granting your consent.
We have implemented security policies, rules and technical measures to protect the personal information we hold from unauthorised or improper access or use, unlawful destruction or accidental loss.
Your other options
You can always choose not to provide personal information to us online. Simply ring our office on 07341 491423 or alternatively write to us at: Youth Office, WEC International, PO Box 6461, Coventry, CV3 9NR, UK.

How do these rules affect you?
The Data Protection Act gives you these rights:
You have a right to access the information WEC is holding about you. By law we are obliged to respond within 40 days to written requests for access to your records. An administration charge of £5 per application will apply.
You have a right to correct any inaccuracies in your details. We make every effort to make the necessary changes within 5 days of receipt. If you receive any communication from us with incorrect address details, please notify us as soon as possible.
Opting out
WEC is not allowed to keep your information to use as we please. If at any time you are unhappy with the way we are using your information you have the right to tell us to stop. Please note that if you decide to opt out of receiving any information from WEC, we will no longer be able to contact you unless you request otherwise in the future. We will delete your address details from our database but any information relating to a Gift Aid declaration will be held until the end of the appropriate tax period. Your donation history will be maintained for accounting purposes only.

What data does WEC hold?
If you have contacted us to enquire about our work or to make a donation, you will have provided us with information about yourself. This probably includes:
Contact details, as name, address, telephone number and email address.
Details about your donation. may have included details of your bank account or credit card
Further details about a family member, the church you attend or how you would wish to support our work

From the information you provided we may also have ‘created’ other information such as the types of project information you are most likely to be interested in and how often we should send this to you.

Happy to help
It is important for us that you are happy with how we are keeping and using your information.
If you have any concerns please feel free to contact:
Graeme Stephen
UK Administrator


This privacy policy does not cover the links within this site linking to other sites.

For further information about your rights under the Data Protection Act 1998, visit the Information Commissioner’s website

WEC is a registered charity number 237005