Online Booking for 2022


Bookings for real camp in East Runton Summer 2022 are now being taken!

Please fill in a separate form for each camper or leader. For more information please contact the Youth office:  / 01244 537 934.

Camp 2022 is subject to change due to the COVID situation. 

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Adult Volunteers
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  1. The information on this form is confidential. WEC Camps will only share this information with appropriate members of the Camp Staff and never with third parties. Details on this form will be used in connection with this year’s camp and names and addresses held for the purpose of future publicity. All information will be held securely.
  2. Please tick the boxes to indicate your consent in the following areas
  3. Photographs and film footage are taken at camp for use in our future publicity. Usually these are general or group shots with a few individual pictures or interviews. These will only be used by WEC International, organisations in sympathy with WEC to whom specific permission has been given, or companies contracted to produce publicity material on our behalf.
  4. By submitting I am in full agreement with this application and consent that my child(ren) can attend Camp. You will be contacted by the Youth Office to arrange payment of the deposit of £50 to secure the place.
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