WEC Camp Everywhere – Shop & Feedback

There is still time to place an order in the shop and leave us some feedback – just don’t leave it too long, both will close at midnight on Monday 10th August.

You can visit the shop and the feedback page by using the links in the WEC Camp Everywhere menu above.

Hope you had a brilliant time – see you again soon!

WEC Camp Everywhere – Quiz Scores

During the WEC Camp Everywhere week the villages have been competing in our daily quiz – final scores below…

Teen Quiz Scores

  • Acapulco 79
  • Kinshasa 75
  • Banjul 65
  • Jakarta 61
  • Dakar 54
  • Phnom Penh 47
  • N’Djamena 40

Warrior Quiz Scores

  • Libya 55
  • Indonesia 55
  • Yemen 47
  • Ecuador 47
  • Zimbabwe 47
  • Senegal 43
  • Chad 36
  • Gambia 32
  • Honduras 24
  • Tonga 23
  • Mexico 11

WEC Camp Everywhere – Shop open until midnight Monday!

The WEC Camp Everywhere Merch & Book shop will be open until midnight on Monday 10th August 2020.

If you are looking for something to help remember this years camp, or would like an awesome book to get stuck into, check out the shop today!

Use the link below to access the online catalogue and order form – all orders and payments will be processed after WEC Camp Everywhere has finished, giving you plenty of time choose, change your mind or add to your order.