WEC Camp Everywhere – More activity sessions added!

Good news everybody… we have added some more sessions to the Friday activity list! You can now get involved with and of the following:

  • Slime or playdough making
  • Mancala
  • Balloon Rockets
  • Drama workshop
  • Prayer Activities
  • Making a Gambian meal
  • Escape room – two sessions
  • Pirate4 game – two sessions
  • Lighthouse Loonies Zoom Edition
  • Seated Fitness
  • Making and writing in secret ink
  • Soap carving
  • Discovery Bible study
  • Sharing your faith at school discussion and Q&A

WEC Camp Everywhere – Day 3 Highlights so far

Another amazing day here on WEC Camp Everywhere! All the campers are engaging with the programme and seem to be enjoying themselves – lots of smiles and laughter in the Zoom sessions, and lots of contributions coming in from the young people.

The leaders are giving it their all too, with people running activities, sharing in meetings, working on the tech side, getting involved with planning and admin and of course spending time with the campers.

Please pray for the rest of the week – we want to see God working in everyones lives.

WEC Camp Everywhere Shop NOW OPEN!

The WEC Camp Everywhere is now open! If you are looking for something to help remember this years camp, or would like an awesome book to get stuck into, check out the shop today! Use the link below to get started…

WEC Camp Everywhere – Day 2 Highlight so far

We are having an amazing time so far on WEC Camp Everywhere! The campers are getting stuck in with the Bible and mission sessions, the activities are proving very popular and the challenges are going town a treat!

Please pray for the tech teams, activity leaders and the various meeting speakers – We praise God for all that has happened so far.

WEC Camp Everywhere off to a great start!

We have had a great day so far on WEC Camp Everywhere! We had a brilliant morning meeting with Bible teaching, activities, a book flash, worship and some spectacular challenges. The morning activities included crafts, cooking and bubble making – lots more to come too!

Tonight is the fist mission meeting of the week where we get to hear about what God is doing around the world.

Please join us in praying for all the campers, leaders, contributors, parents, and supporters for coming together to make this year something special.

WEC Camp Everywhere – First Meeting

Are you all ready for the first meeting of WEC Camp Everywhere? The welcome meeting starts at 7pm tonight on Zoom – access via the link sent to your registered email address. Lots of exiting things are going on this week, and it all starts here!

As part of the WEC Camp Everywhere programme, we have a page where you can send us your prayer requests. If you want prayer for something, our team will pray for you!

If you need help with connecting to a meeting or activity, or need help with the website, have a look at the Need Help? page.