Afternoon Extras & Morning Activities 2021

WEC Camp Everywhere Afternoon Extras

Use the links below to book your Afternoon Extras only. More days & sessions may be added as the week progresses. Also check out the guides to see what you will need for each session! Booking closes the night before the day of the session.

  • Tuesday Afternoon Extras Booking Form (Closed)
  • Thursday Afternoon Extras Booking Form (Closed)
  • Friday Afternoon Extras Booking Form (Closed)

Warrior camp morning activities

The choice for Warrior morning activities will be included as part of the morning Zoom meeting – you do not need to book them here!

Activity Guides & Things You May Need

Rockets: Take one small step towards the star filled heavens by building you own fizz-powered rocket -you will need: A4 sheet of paper, Scissors, Pencil or Pen, Ruler, Sellotape, Glue Stick (or other paper glue), Small circular lid, Plastic Canister (supplied), Fizzy Tablets (supplied), Small amount of water. Print out a template or create your own with this guide.

Origami: Turn ordinary pieces of paper into super cool paper rockets and hearts! You will need: Paper, Pen or Pencil, Scissors, Drinking Straw, Wool or String,

Baking with Chris: Cook along with Chris and make some fantastic snacks! Friday morning will be Peppermint creams, and Friday afternoon will be butterfly cakes! You can view the guide and ingredient list here

Escape Room: You wake up on a cruise ship as the only passengers. Solve the puzzles to make your way through the ship, find out what happened to everyone else and get yourself back on dry land! You do not need anything extra for this activity

Discovery Bible Study: Learn a simple technique to explore the Bible and find out what it means today. All you need is your Bible!

Pirate Game: Rob, steal, find treasure and defend it. Can you pirate your way to the top and end up with all the gold. You do not need anything extra for this activity

Code Names: In this online version of the classic game, rival spymasters know the hidden identities of secret agents. You do not need anything extra for this activity

Prayer Craft: A craft activity that can help you to pray, and is fun at the same time! You will need: a piece of plain paper, pens/colouring pencils.

Crafty Beads: Come join us as we make paper beads! They can be used to make jewellery, decorations, or anything else your imagination can think of! You will need: the template (click here to download), which you can decorate and use, or you can use magazines or coloured/patterned paper. Scissors, glue stick, pencil/kebab stick/straw. Thread or wool, if you want to make them into something during the craft session

There may be more! Watch this space for changes and updates as the week goes on.

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